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Routed Crack Sealing

Crack sealing done right!

Crack sealing is one of the most crucial steps in maximizing the longevity of asphalt parking lots.  The primary objective is to minimize moisture intrusion which can rapidly deteriorate sub-surface conditions, leading to more cracking and eventually the dreaded pothole.

25 plus years of experience has taught PMI that simply applying sealant does not result in a lasting repair.  Routing the cracks before they are sealed is essential

  • Routing ensures enough sealant can be applied to the repair – penetrating the crack and not simply sitting on the surface

  • Ensuring adequate rubber sealant allows for expansion and contraction throughout the seasons.  If the rubber can’t sufficiently expand, rubber will detach from the asphalt

  • Additionally, the routed channel provides a sidewall surface that allows for optimum adhesion of the sealant, dramatically reducing the risk of the seal becoming unseated and rendered useless

Cracks present one of the leading causes for pavement failure – hire PMI to ensure your repairs are done right!

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