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Pressure Washing

Pressure washing can work wonders to restore the visual appeal of hardscaped areas, curbs, walkways, storefronts and building entrances.   

  • PMI’s trained professionals use high-power equipment to lift dirt and grime from concrete surfaces, remove moss and algae growth, and even more challenging materials like oils and gum

  • Our commercial-grade equipment contains its own water supply, and various attachments to deliver the best cleaning results

  • Because we also provide striping and pavement marking, our teams understand the requirements to prepare surfaces for painting

  • Post service clean-up is critical because pressure washing is messy work.  PMI’s services always include clean up with a backpack blower and parking lot sweeper/vacuum truck to pick up debris

Whether we’re servicing a property before a busy holiday shopping season, prepping surfaces for re-painting, or doing an annual refresh after a long, wet winter, PMI’s team helps ensure your property look its best

Call today for a quote:  (503) 257-9257

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