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Extruded Curb

Concrete curbs are essential to defining parking lot boundaries, managing runoff, and can provide a finishing touch often referred to as “curb appeal”.  Unfortunately, they can also represent an ongoing maintenance need.  Not only are broken sections unattractive, they can also become a trip hazard to visitors.

PMI’s experienced team removes and replaces existing damaged curb and installs extruded curb for new projects.  Our approach seeks to create long-lasting results that minimize the need for future repairs. 

  • We use techniques that promote strong adhesion and bonding to paved or concrete surfaces

  • Our experienced team will advise on curb shape and size to help solve issues where recurring failures occurs

  • We carefully blend repairs into existing areas to enhance visual appeal

Trust 25 years of curbing experience on your next project.

Call today for a quote:  (503) 257-9257

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