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Concrete Paving

Sidewalk and concrete slab repair

Over time, sidewalk slabs can settle or heave, often from insufficient compaction, drainage problems or tree roots. Uneven walkways look unattractive and unmaintained.  In the worst-case scenario, they may become a trip-and-fall liability.

PMI repairs and replaces failing sidewalk areas to provide attractive, lasting results.  This can either be through grinding of uneven surfaces, or removal and replacement of entire sidewalk panels

  • Experienced professionals will evaluate and advise on underlying causes

  • Newly installed sidewalk slabs will conform to municipal standards

  • The finished product will look clean, professional and will visually tie-in with surrounding concrete


Concrete ramp repair and installation for ADA compliance

PMI’s estimators and project managers understand the strict specifications for compliance and can assist owners and property managers when improvements are required.  This includes ramp location, dimensions, angle/slope, use of tactile or raised-dot pads, etc.

  • Design and compliance consultation

  • Professional, experienced crews ensure the work is done right

  • An attractive, lasting installation that blends in with surrounding surfaces

Call today for a quote:  (503) 257-9257

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